France Parigi

“They say that when good Americans die they go to Paris”

Oscar Wilde


France is addictive, a formula made of crispy baguettes, provençal lavender fields, chantilly cream filled pastry, mind blowing chateaux and chilling cafes: from North to South, an imperial country, heart of the European traditions, will reveal to you the beauty of its lanes, cliffs, dunes, valleys, forests and jewel cities; bring back home memories of Sunday markets, impressionist masterpieces, rural charm, private vineyard villas and glamour Riviera lifestyle.
You’ll find something new, something wonderful every day.
There are a hundred or more reasons why visiting France and we will explore them all for you in an unique travel experience.

France Experiences

  • The secrets of Paris, Champagne and Reims
  • Provence, Montecarlo and the French Riviera
  • Loire’s Valley and castles
  • Bordeaux vineyards and chateaux