Asia is the continent of diversity, a jump into millennial cultures, mega cities and incredible natural wonders.

From the peace and sacredness of Buddhist temples set on the peaks of the mountains of Yunnan, and the vast artistic tradition of Chinese ceramics, to the remotest Indonesian islands with primitive cultures and kilometers of untouched beaches, a continent with many faces and contradictions, colors, sacred songs and palm groves that stretch to the horizon. Immerse yourself in spices and scents of Nepalese markets, reach the highest peaks of the planet and unwind in the coral beaches of small atolls inhabited by sea turtles; Asia will leave you a sense of profound transformation. A life is not enough to see it all, but starting from your passions and interests we draw the perfect trip to leave his poetry and magic to you forever.

Asia Experiences

New Zealand

  • Winter experience, Ice driving and glaciers
  • South islands thrills
  • Sailing and hot pools

Bali and Indonesia

  • Bali Island of Gods and rice fields
  • Sumba edge of wilderness


  • Mekong cruise and the mysteries of Angkor

Nepal and Bhutan

  • The sacred valley of Kathmandu and the Royals of Bhutan


  • The unseen Tokyo: Geisha, Sumo and cherry blossom